Sunday, February 7, 2016

Beauty Behind the Madness By The Weeknd

I had never heard of The Weeknd until I heard his song “Can’t Feel My Face”. My discovery of The Weeknd happened, while riding in the car with my husband. He was listening to The Weeknd because his band was doing his song. I asked who is that, he said “you haven’t heard of The Weeknd”. I can’t believe I had missed him. While listening to this album, the only songs I like is “Can’t Feel My Face”. Being of an older generation, he has a variety of enjoyable music from his previous work. Some of his songs are explicit but this young man is way too talented to resort to such language in is music. I like the eerie sound and the dancing beat of his music. This soon to be 26 year olds given name is Abęl Makkonen Tesfaye and is of Ethiopian descent. What I like about The Weeknd is he isn’t afraid to be himself and put himself out there. He was previously touring in the San Francisco, San Jose and Oakland. DJ Michael Ealey had the pleasure of seeing him in concert. He was part of the press, so he got to meet him. Michael said he was real nice and humble guy. The Weeknd will be around for a longtime, if he stays true to himself.

Tuesday, December 22, 2015



I rarely find rap music that I can stand listening to, the stuff they play on the On-Air stations and the mainstream is awful. As I was sitting here listening to Oddisee’s song “Belong To The World”, I thought he has real talent. I went on to listen to more of his songs I became a fan. This rapper producer born in Washington, D.C’s. grew up in Prince George's County, Maryland has been rapping and making beats since 1999. From his debut album 101 in 2008 to his latest album The Good Fight Oddisee continues to grow. He is absolutely incredible. The lyrical depth, complexity, soul, and beauty of his latest album is amazing. Oddisee continues to stay fresh producing great beats and strong lyrical content. He is a rare gem in the world hip hop these days. In my opinion, The Good Fight is his best work to date. It took me a couple of times listening to The Good Fight to really appreciate the true beauty of this album, it became hypnotizing. It is lyrically powerful and thoughtful, the beats keep your head nodding all the way through. Here are some songs that are my favorites by Oddisee, “Belong To The World”, “Own Appeal”, “Back of My Mind”, "The Goings On", “Caprice Down”, “Song For That”, “That's Love”, “Meant It When I Said It”, “Contradiction’s Maze” and “Streets Won't Let Me Chill”. I recommend this talented artist to all that are not really into hip hop music. Oddisee will pleasantly surprise you. Don’t sleep on Oddisee, you can listen to Oddisee on Streetwise Radio. Also listen to Streetwise Radio on MyGen365, iTunes, Athena365, Live365 and Pandora.


Thursday, November 26, 2015



Welcome back to Streetwise Radio! Holiday season is here again. Time to get together with friends and fam and turn up a lil bit.For those of you who listen to the station you may have heard of the trio of dj/producers called YELLOW CLAW.The group consitsts of Bizzey,Jim Aasgier,and Nizzle.The amsterdam based group is blazing a trail on the trap music scene with hit singles like “love me till it hurts” and “shotgun” using high paced beats and melodic vocals. Yellow claw burst onto the scene in 2010 after hosting and founding The Yellow Claw Thursday nite party at a popular club in Amsterdam. By 2012 they had a few hit singles and became regulars at many dutch festivals ( dirty dutch festival, solarfest). The group successfully blend a multitude of genres onto one track like the track “thunder” which is a masterful blend. After bouncing around a few labels Yellow Claw has chosen the independentroute and is on tour now in Europe. What's amazing to me about the trap music movement is the collaborative nature of it which reminds me of the beginning of hip hop. The beauty of collectivism at its best. Yellow Claw has that upbeat can't stop partying feel that will be sure to keep you up and going all nite. I couldn't imagine being at one of their shows because i would need a change of clothes from the danceathon that would ensue. So if your curious to check out the sound stop by Streetwise Radio to hear Yellow Claw and other trap artists on our playlist.

Yellow Claw’s Debut Album “Blood For Mercy”

Sound Cloud

Sunday, November 15, 2015




 I know the title must have you a lil baffled but no i'm not talking about fast women. lol What i am mentioning or should I say who i'm referring to is an English born trap producer named HUCCI. Just like a contract killer his wrath is felt by those he encounters but you cannot find much info about the dj. One thing is for sure his Internet following is immense and he seems to like being the unknown. Hucci uses tons of hip hop samples and vocals to create his airy trap sound. HUCCI varies his tempos so you don't get exhausted from fast paced sounds of a lot of trap producers. the track i'm lovin right now is called “Hitta” which uses r&b and hip hop vocals to lace an 808 heavy track. HUCCI is not afraid to mix up samples mid-song and gracefully navigates from sample to sample. HUCCI’S following patiently wait for internet  drops because there’s not much else to go on. It's easy to see that he has an immense, hip hop love. It flows over most of his tracks.The track entitled ‘PERFECT STORM” is a dope cut that uses a Micheal Jackson vocal to lead the song and I honestly had never before paid that much attention to Mj’s lyrics but the track forced them onto me which was cool to say the least. Stay tuned for more info about HUCCI and drop into our mix at steetwise radio to hear HUCCI and other great trap artists. see ya later.

                                         A Perfect Storm By HUCCI

Saturday, October 31, 2015

Lorenzo Asher

Lorenzo Asher is one of those underrated artist, that don’t get the love of the On-Air stations. He is a true poetic Hip-hop artist that spits lyrics that have you thinking. His Electro/R&B vibe is definitely a fresh take on Hip-Hop music. What I like about Lorenzo Asher, he not only raps he can also sing. That to me is the sign of a true artist. This Brooklyn by way of Cleveland Hip-Hop artist has  put out two albums “Numismatics” and “Nora”. Out of the two, “Numismatics” is my favorite. The songs off these two CD’s that are going on my playlist are “Fig Leaves Hyperspace”, “The Undying Brave”, “Bills” and “Nora”. Tune into Streetwise Radio to listen to songs from Lorenzo Asher, you will enjoy his music. You can also listen to Streetwise Radio on MyGen365, Live365, Athena365, iTunes and Pandora.

Monday, August 31, 2015

Big Hop Exclusive—Youth Speaks Celebrates LGBTQ Youth with “Queeriosity” Showcase By Shelah Moody

                             Poetry literally saved Trey Amos Life

                                                         Trey Amos

Growing up with her brothers in Nashville, TN, Amos felt out of place. As the only girl child in the family, she felt uncomfortable in the dresses and stockings that she was made to wear to church and other outings. In a world where masculinity and femininity were strictly defined, Amos wanted to participate in the activities that her brothers were into and wear what they wore, but she not allowed to. It was a struggle, she said.
“I’m southern born and raised yes, ma’am,” said Amos. “I’m a long way from home right now. A southern upbringing is very structured and very specific. It leaves little room for creativity. During my adolescent, I was kind of put into a box.”
Amos said that her parents were unaware of her emerging sexual identity.
“I think that has a lot to do with the geographical location and religion and a number of other things,” said Amos. “(Homosexuality) was something that wasn’t really accepted in my household. But now, I am happy to be older and have positive relationships with my family in regard to identity. The transition has been beautiful. My relationship with my mom has grown tremendously and I think it has to do with my writing. She sees how far it can take you and how much it can five you. Having a child being successful in the world and doing something positive is what she cares about now.”
After relocating to the Bay Area, Amos found Youth Speaks, a forum for young artists, at age 17.
“Being exposed to 500 other people who thought like me at a Brave New Voices festival was empowering,” said Amos. “The bug bit me, and I never stopped. Now, I am in a position of creating spaces that transformed me when I was the same age.”
On Friday June 12, young artists from around the Bay Area who identify as gay, lesbian, bi-sexual and transgender participated in the “Queeriosity Performance Showcase, presented by Youth Speaks and the National Queer Arts Festival at the LGBT Center in San Francisco. During the Queeriosity Performance Showcase, singers, dancers, musicians, poets and visual artists presented their work, which touched on themes of otherness, alienation and self- acceptance. The Queeriosity Performance Showcase is an annual spoken word and performance event dedicated to young people who are reshaping the conversations about sexuality, identity, and community.
Amos, now a Queeriosity Performance Showcase alum and poet mentor read her hip hop inspired piece, “This Color Brown” (See link
“Being a person of color and a person who identifies as “queer,” the importance level runs neck in neck,” said Amos. “I want to speak for people of color and speak out against police brutality and other injustices. “This Color Brown” is meant to shed light on how people who look like me or have the same skin tone as me are viewed in the eyes of the law and the court system.”
The Queeriosity Performance showcase was hosted by co-curator and lead facilitator, Indira Allegra, who led a six week writing workshop. Each year Youth Speaks facilitates a writing and performance workshop that explores how self-identified LGBTQ youth develop a deeper awareness of their sexual identities while celebrating their queerness. A small group of youth applied, and Youth Speaks reviewed their application. Allegra described the program as an interdisciplinary representation of poetry which integrated visual arts live music and dance.

                                             Indira Allegra and AmyEspiritu

I’m really pleased with the way that the youth were able to really step into that place of risk and that place of vulnerability to be able to create work,” said Allegra, who is also an acclaimed writer, performance artist, visual artist and winner of the Jackson Literary Award.
I feel like, not only is this a writing workshop to create work, it’s really about professional development,” said Allegra. “As an artist, I can’t create work that lands in other people’s experience if I’m not vulnerable myself. I feel like this king of emotional training is valuable, and we have to get it started not at the beginning of their careers.”

                                                                      Ash Phillips

One of the 2015 Queeriosity Performance Showcase’s rising stars, poet Ash Phillips, who identifies as a “genderqueer poet,” spoke of the challenges faced by transgender youth: having a hard time shopping for clothes, people placing bets on which body parts you have and the fear of walking into a public restroom without being reported or attacked.
You wonder why I cry when people ask, ‘are you a boy or a girl,” said Phillips. “I’m neither, or maybe I’m both. Or maybe I don’t know and maybe it wouldn’t be a problem if you didn’t f-----g ask.” In closing, Phillips proudly called the names of all of the members of the transgender community that we lost this year.
You weren’t killed by black and white; it was pink and blue that took your lives. (See link .(See link

For information, go to