Friday, January 23, 2015


By. Amero
Most music lovers enjoy that deep thunderous sound. The sound that is
like a gorilla trapped in the trunk. The soul pounding echo of the sweet
808. American music has been hijacked by the feel of the bass that the 808
possesses and club music would be less effective without its presence.Can
you imagine a club without the whomp, whomp,whomp sound permeating
from inside. Trap music has now arrived and American producers and Dj’s
a like have begun to play it. But when it comes to trap muzic world famous

‘Tropkillas’have taken center stage. The duo of two Brazilian producers 
Zegon & Laudz have garnered much attention to the charts and the clubs 
of south America. Dj Zegon is one of the most respected and well traveled 
Dj’s in Brazil with a career that has spanned over 20 years. In his tenure he
has worked with the likes of Kanye West, MIA,David Byrne and more.Dj Laudz
is a relative newcomer to the scene but in his short five years he has
managed to collab with Snoop
and a litany of Brazil's top MC's.
Together they have taken the scene by storm with their music. Since their
first global attention from the underground hit ‘mambo’ together the
Tropkillas have created an intense collection of club bangers, that blend
Trap & bass music with electro-hip-hop. Tropkillas have also performed at
Coachella the huge musical fest iand other venues worldwide.The two Dj's 

have also scored hits in movies,commercials and video games to add to
 the already packed resume. Ranked amongst the top Dj’s
in the world the Tropkillas are poised to have a big 2015. Their music will
have you spinning in circles.I enjoy the blend of music they create. It's like
the party that won't stop when you play a track of theirs. I recommend
everyone lend an ear to this game changing group to see what they're
about. You can check them out nightly on the Streetwise Big Hop at 7pm 

pacific time. And don't forget 11pm on Friday and Saturday on Streetwise 
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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

This 32 year old dynamic duo from Nigeria are twin brothers Peter and Paul Okoye. P-Square has been around since 2003, I never heard of them, until DJ Michael Ealey of Streetwise Radio turned me on to them. I must say I like what I’m hearing. Their music reminds me of laying of the deck poolside cruising the Caribbean. P-Square has put out 6 albums since 2003 their latest album “Double Trouble” has the song “Zombie ft. Jermaine Jackson” Streetwise Radio is playing this song. I can hear Michael all over the song, Jermaine does a terrific job. These twin brothers have the looks and the talent to be something special. These are some of the songs that are defiantly going on my playlist “Zombie Ft Jermaine Jackson”, “Sari Sari”, “Ogadigide”, “Beautiful Onyinye” and “No One Like You”. If you never heard of P-Square, check them out on Streetwise Radio.You will like what you hear. Also listen to Streetwise Radio on Pandora, iTunes, MyGen365, Live365 and Athena365.

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Kehlani: Cloud 19

19 year old Kehlani is coming out strong with her new mix tape Cloud 19.
The Oakland California native has delivered on two  singles "FWU" and "Get Away".
This new mix takes makes her talent to take notice.
We will be playing her mix tape on the Streetwise Big Hop

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Adrian Marcel

Yes! Adrian Marcel East Oakland’s own has the whole package talent and looks. His looks remind me of a young El De Barge, but his sound is all his own. Adrian truly has a gift. Adrian Marcel is the real deal this young brother can write. He wrote the majority of songs from his “7 Days of Week” CD with Jane Hancock. It just amazes me that Adrian Marcel is so underrated. I’ve never heard him on the local radio stations and that is a shame! I think if he keeps writing his songs and singing the way he does, he is going to blow up. In February 2014, Adrian Marcel released the single "2AM," with a guest verse from Sage the Gemini. My favorite songs from 7 Days of Weak are “Timeless”, “My Life” and “Waiting”. If you like listening to true talent like Adrian Marcel tune into Streetwise Radio on iTunes, Pandora, MyGen365, Live365, Athena365 and Gilroy Radio.

Friday, April 4, 2014

DJ Snake & Lil Jon Video “Turn Down For What”

I have seen some music videos that are a little crazy, but I must say this video is by far out to lunch. What in the world were they thinking when they came up with this video? This video is not for young children and some adults. This video and song is not meant to motivate, it is meant to get you moving. It sure is a funny video. I really like the beat, it is trap music at its best. Check out the video or check out the song on Streetwise Radio Big Hop.

Friday, December 20, 2013

Holiday Exclusive--Up Close and Personal Bobby Newberry—Award Winning Choreographer Lights Up the Dance Floor with His New Single “Sweat.” By Shelah Moody

Holiday Exclusive--Up Close and Personal Bobby Newberry—Award Winning Choreographer Lights Up the Dance Floor with His New Single “Sweat.”
By Shelah Moody
Bobby Newberry is gonna make you sweat in 2014.
“Sweat,” is the new single from award winning choreographer Bobby Newberry, one of the most sensual performers in the music industry. “Sweat,” which dropped Dec.10 is currently available on iTunes. “Sweat” is the first single from Newberry’s EP, which will be released in January.
Newberry studied music formally in Orange County, CA, and also learned the art of the dance by watching the movements of dance icons such as Michael Jackson on video. After making a name for himself choreographing for the likes of Missy Elliot, Eminem and the Pussycat Dolls, Newberry is pursuing his true passion—singing.
You can also catch Newberry in your city as a guest choreographer on the Jump Tour, one of the largest dance conventions in the world.
SM: Tell me about your career as an award winning choreographer.
BN: I moved to Los Angeles when I was 18. I got scholarships to study dance. I’ve been a singer my whole life; and dance happened for me first and I just went with it. I’ve had an amazing career as a choreographer. I was fortunate enough to work with the Pussycat Dolls, Missy Elliot and Eminem. I’ve worked on TV shows like “The X Factor” and “Dancing with the Stars.” Now, I’m making the transfer to music.
Shelah Moody: On that note, tell us about your first single, “Sweat.”
Bobby Newberry: I’m excited about it. It’s a fun, high energy dance track. I see people working out to it and dancing to it in the clubs and vibing to it. It’s one of those songs that make you feel good. For me, it pumps me up and gives me energy.
SM: Tell us about your previous tracks, before “Sweat.”
BN: I had three songs out last year. One was “Dirty Up,” an electric pop song featuring Jesse and the Toy Boys. Jesse actually opened up for Britney Spears on her Femme Fatale tour, and I was her creative director/choreographer. The song was really well received and a lot of dancers loved it. I also did a cover of “Bulletproof” by La Roux; it was a duet with Melody Thorton of the Pussycat Dolls.
SM: How would you describe the Bobby Newberry style of movement?
BN: It’s very unique. I think that it’s a blend of a lot of sharp, hard choreography and smooth and sexy movements.
SM: What’s it like choreographing hip hop artists such as Lil’ Wayne and Eminem?
BN: I worked with Porcelain Black, who was featuring Lil’ Wayne. We did the choreography on the set for a video. (Lil’ Wayne) didn’t do much choreography, I had to do (movements) around him and he kind of just stood there. It was about making him look hot with the girls around him.
SM: From your Facebook page, I can see that you have the perfect body, which you are very proud of. What is the secret to getting those fabulous abs?
BN: When you work really hard to get yourself in shape like that, you want to be able to show it. I work out really hard; I work out with a trainer twice a week. I do soul cycle, which is this hard, high energy cycling class. I also do advanced yoga.
SM: Tell us about the Jump Tour that you are embarking on.
BN: Yes, I’m part of a big convention/dance tour called “Jump,” and it goes to about 30 cities. I’m actually in the car headed to the airport right now. I fly out to different cities with other amazing choreographers like Mia Michaels. We teach classes, do photos and signings.
Check out Bobby Newberry:
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