Monday, April 24, 2017

NEW MUSIC - AFROBEAT - "Wuk up my Body" DJ Rocky feat CK,Sheeba, Bucho DEGO

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The sexy songbird CK gets ready for Summer 2017 as she fuses her African and Jamaican culture and teams up with some of Africa's finest on this uptempo production "Wuk Up My Body" s produced by Ugandan Elites Kron and DJ Rocky.

This hit also features one of East Africa's Rising stars, Female Singjay,Sheeba, Nigerian sensation ,Bucho DeGo.

Tuesday, March 7, 2017




“What's your name again?” Chuck D.

Described as "Hip Hop Elegante" by the program director of Peru's largest music festival, the artist ROOTWORDS has earned a reputation for performing a repertoire of high stature, with an absolute commitment to communicating the essence of music at it's most organic level.

“Bonobo likes the track.” Manager 

The epitome of a "world citizen" (born in the USA of Zambian heritage and raised in Switzerland), ROOTWORDS began rhyming at the age of 16. He studied international relations and law, only to drop out in a radical rebellion against the system, with the intent of focusing on music. Ever since that drastic decision of 2007, having gathered a fair amount of underground experience in the music scene, ROOTWORDS released his frst solo album The Rush in 2014.

“It sounds like real Hip Hop.” The Procussions 

Since winning the renowned M4 Music “Urban Award”, as well as multiple other accolades, the lyricist has become a favourite of Swiss music lovers and more - having graced the stages of many regional and international festivals with his live band The Block Notes; including Paleo Festival, Montreux Jazz Festival, Rototom Sunsplash, Reggae Sun Ska, and Selvamonos Festival.

“Never stop rhyming.” Common 

His Wu-Tang style British Clarks, reminiscent of the years he lived in the once ghetto but now trendy Hackney East London, have travelled with him from Beijing to New York, Berlin to Adelaide, Lima to Paris; all of which are places where he has performed and shared his music.

“A great groove with an important message.” Phil Collins LVO

In autumn 2016, in an effort to support UNHCR in response to the refugee crisis, ROOTWORDS teamed up with jazz composer John Aram and virtuoso Jacob Collier for a humanitarian collaboration with the intention of raising money and awareness to the cause, while sharing a message of hope through the music. Otherwise when in his hometown, ROOTWORDS can be found teaching the basics of Hip Hop to the youth of today in his workshop, or hosting jam sessions.

 “Come kick a freestyle on stage with me.” Jay Electronica 

In the continuation of pursing his passion, fulflling his life ambitions, and living his dream, ROOTWORDS is on the brink of releasing his second opus in 2017, which is guaranteed to further plunge his auditors and supporters deeper into his evolving universe of inspiration.

"Now playing on Streetwise Radio a song that really caught my attention with strong words and killer beat". Michael K. Ealey Program Director 

 Layer Cake feat. Dubmatix 

Corruption is everywhere. Have a look around. Where can you not see any corruption? Nothing is pure anymore, not even the air. We are constantly being forced to choose the lesser of two evils, and some of us don't even question our choices. We are a lazy generation, and machines do the majority of the work for us. We no longer depend on the natural cycle of the seasons for our needs, instead we violate the cycle of life by requesting what we want whenever we want. The world is off balance, and we continue to push the tilt.  The root of the problem is at the top of the pyramid. That is where the corruption is most rampant. The decisions and delinquency of those at the top trickles down and effects those at the bottom - who get hit the hardest. This is the layer cake.  Inspired by a fantastic digital new age riddim by Dubmatix, I wrote this song to remind people of where they are, what they are doing; and especially to ask themselves if they are aware of what is going on. The devil you know is better than the devil you don't, so please just open up your eyes!

Monday, November 28, 2016

Now Playing On Streetwise Radio, Ammoye

Artist: Ammoye 
Title: Revolution 
Label: Dub Arc 
Genre: Electronic 

* Killer vox, like a lioness about to strike! I feel the revolution in her soul* 
DJ Tomas - Google Music, SF Weekly, ForwardEver 

"the beats are awesome." 
Jonathan - Syndicated Show (9 FM / Online Stations Europe/USA) 

slammin brkz shakedown!!!! 
Luchie DJ / Producer / Promoter Ahimsa / Phat Bull - London, UK 


Juno Award Nominee & Multiple Award Nominee 
Backing Vocals for Michael BublĂ©, Kreesha Turner, Anjulie 

Named after the Italian word for Love, Ammoye is to music what the stars are to the sky – beautiful. The smoothness of her voice draws listeners in, and the power of her lyrics holds them as she effortlessly sings about Life, Love, and justice. At the age of 5, Ammoye knew her calling was to perform music. 

Ammoye's musical style and song writing was deeply influenced by her upbringing. She was born and raised by her grandparents in Clarendon, Jamaica where life presented its own unique trials and tribulations. She found solace from a young age by singing in the church choir, as well as at the top of her favourite mango tree in the family backyard, where she made regular appearances on Sunday afternoons and regaled the neighbourhood with her latest songs and poems. 


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Monday, November 21, 2016

What's Up With Kanye?

Written by: Rajada Ealey

From grabbing microphones to the Ionic Kanye for 2016 speech, I think, we can all agree when I say Kanye has definitely experienced his ups and downs in the media. But recently Kanye has been leaving his concerts early! Though his set at Meadows Music & Arts Festival ended nearly an hour early due to a “family emergency,” his concert in Los Angeles ended early because he lost his voice. This took a dramatic turn for his upcoming dates for his Saint Pablo tour. Not only did he have his fans waiting due the rescheduling of his tour, he left the Los Angeles concert after only being on stage for about 45 minutes. I hate to say it but this maybe a new low for him. It's a little funny to think about it too. Kanye is so iconic and so many fans appreciate him but just to completely stop in the middle of the concert and leave while all your fan are cheering for you is pretty hilarious. But let me not laugh, because I’m sure it wasn’t funny for all the fans who traveled far and near and paid to see Kanye perform. Kanye said he let the audience have a concert where he can’t perform, according to the consequenceofsound website. I’ve experienced fans mad, sad, even crying because their favorite artist decided not to perform and it’s very sad to say the least. I understand Kanye was losing his voice but I just feel like he might not of been thinking about his fans. What’s going on Kanye?

Now I could start comparing Kanye to other big name artists who’ve weathered some pretty intense things but still performed, but I won’t. We all know Kanye has some internal issues but who doesn’t. We just have to accept the surprises Kanye will continue to throw at us. For example, his concert at the Oracle Arena on October 22nd was a success.It included an amazing set list, cool production, even started on time. The one only take away would probably be the amount of the breaks he took to rant about certain issues. According to the East Bay Express, Kanye interrupted his concert five times to rant about not showing up to the Grammys, to criticize the media for labeling him crazy, to reassure the crowd that he's not crazy but a genius, to tell the media to “stop writing negative shit about me and help me help people,” and to state something along the lines of “we were brought over here as slaves, and Lincoln turned us into unpaid interns or some shit.” Kanye still continues to surprise me with some of the things he does and says. So though his first disappointing moment of his Saint Pablo was in a result of a serious emergency and second because of his health, Kanye turned his whole tour around with an amazing show in Oakland. I wonder what we’ll see from Kanye next.


Thursday, August 4, 2016

Jidenna - Little Bit More

Upcoming Jidenna
Written by: Rajada Ealey

Finding his way back in the spotlight, Jidenna, surprises us with a fresh new sound in his newly released song “a little bit more.” Allowing the Caribbean beats and the tropical drums to flow through my ears, I felt like it was truly summer again. Although the 100-degree weather I’m in never failed to let me forget. This song is so fun and energetic and having already reached over a million views in just its firsts days, I definitely think we’ll be hearing a lot more from this Nigerian-American artist.

Jidenna first sent shockwaves through the radio with his hit single “Classic Man” in 2015. That catchy chorus had just about everyone rehearsing the line “I’m a classic man…”. I have to admit; I was definitely one of them. But I also thought to myself, “how classic is this man actually?” We can see in the “classic man” music video how he wears this clean-cut hairstyle and a vintage suit in every scene to portray the role of a classic man. I was convinced that it was just a made-up character, like the ones you see in TV shows. But it turns out this “Classic Man” is indeed a classy man. As he confessed, to, the reasons for his style, I started to think this artist was one of the cooler ones. Jidenna explains that he wanted his style to “invoke the Jim Crow era” and how each song would represent the “the adventures of a classic man.” His vintage style continues in music videos such as “long live the chief,” “knickers,” and most recent “a little bit,” and the adventures continue right along with him. These so-call ‘adventures’ are a great way to explain the change in vibes he alludes with each song, having one strongly influenced by Drake and the next Kendrick Lamar. 

Jidenna definitely likes to mix up his music style, but the new one resonances with me the most. This paradise feel is so fitting for him. I hope to hear more of this style in his upcoming album The Eephus. But if we continue to hear variation in his music style, we know there’s one thing we can always rely on—his wardrobe style. We can always count on this Classic Man to upstage us in appearance. I think I could definitely benefit from some fashion tips from this one. 

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Patrick “P.A.T.” Barnett

Patrick “P.A.T.” Barnett – P.A.T. stands for “Poetic And Talented” – Originally born in Bitburg, Germany, he soon left Europe when his father ( A Dallas Native) retired from the Air Force. He was raised in Fort Worth which is where the emcee has and always will consider his home of record. Said to be street smart, book smart, business savvy and “even managing to get some common sense”, that’s a lethal combination for a hip hop artist.

P.A.T. served in the US Air Force, he is an Operation OEF/OIF war veteran. He describes himself as “Emcee, Author, Veteran, and a Scholar.” Inspired by hip hop culture he released his first mixtape Where The Sidewalk Ends, it was an immediate success and grabbed the attention of several media outlets and DJs. With his versatile style P.A.T. has worked with artists from different genres and plans to continue to grow as an artist and to work with other new artists as well as learn all aspects of the music business. P.A.T. wears multiple hats practically running his whole label Midnight Society Entertainment by himself. Also a team player, P.A.T. is one of the founding members of The Runway Boyz International Flight Club.

Off of the success of his first mixtape Where The Sidewalk Ends, which was downloaded over 50,000 times around the world, underground emcee Patrick "P.A.T." Barnett(Fort Worth, TX) is currently working on his new project entitled Go Hard or Go Home(GHOGH). The lead single is a song entitled Smoke&Mirrors and the second single is entitled Let You Tell It that is currently playing on his Pandora radio station.

Now Playing on Streetwise Radio Ultra Mix and The Sreetwise Big Hop.