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I’m just gonna start off fast and go zero to 60..... THROW THE WHOLE RHIANNA AWAY!!! Bad girl swagger has been manifested and displayed by this 21-year-old artist from Manchester UK. When described and I do mean accurately as “ smoking blunts drinking dark liquor out of a mason jar with a fur coat wrapped over a pair of togs” you can clearly see this yungin has charisma. Since leaving her Jazz group in Africa in 2015 IAMDDB has been writing and producing music seriously although yet to be signed to a label like one needs that but IAMDDB has been releasing albums and playing festivals across Europe in fact she just finished the SET IT OFF TOUR with Bryson Tiller in Europe. So baby girl is workin while she smokin and drankin! IAMDDB is inspired by Bob Marley and we didn't need her to tell us and I bet she's also been inspired by Jack Daniels too but I digress she has swagger and a huge personality that flows out on a few of her hits.. Me personally I enjoy the track titled “ Shade” and also “Conjuring” both my personal favs followed by the track “GAF” in which she lets you know she can get women too.. lol I know I have no chance finding love if she's my competition.. IJS. IAMDDB will soon be all over the globe check her out and all her music. As she eases her soothing vocals over tracks you can clearly hear the talent she possesses coming from a family of musicians she will be a breakout artist and has potential to headline shows. IAMDDB is a walking talking billboard whether its fashion, music or her huge persona she has marketing potential that’s unmatched. It won't the long before IAMDDB is a household name so go grab some ganja and a glass of cognac because you will need it for this beauty. As well as setting trends she is making her own genre of music which is being dubbed URBAN TRAP JAZZ.. Besides setting trends in fashion while making hit collabs IAMDDB is now on tour lighting up festivals and concerts worldwide. So we shall see how bright this star will shine but my guess is look out Polaris you now have a sister. As we all know good music is not hard to find over here so to check out IAMDDB and other great artist stay tuned in and keep it positive and fresh…. I'm Amero and i’m out!!!!!


By Amero

Yes yes once again Empire Valley has opened up to festival-goers from around the world. If you didn't know from the intro I'm talking about Coachella Music and Art Festival! Every year since 1999 musicians, artists and top chefs  alike have met at the Empire Polo Club in Indio California for a two weekend festival in the sun. Now I didn't make it this year but rumors have it that it was one of the best years on record with many new features and star studded performances. Over 700,000 concert-goers made the trip to SoCal to bask in the sun and enjoy a weekend of great food music and art. The headliner this year was Beyonce and as usual  she didn't disappoint with a performance that boasted a 100 dancers and 5 outfits! And on top of that she had a Destiny’s Child reunion while bringing out Solange and Jay-z.. Soon after fans were calling it “Beychella” lol yeah the Beyhive is alive and crazy.. Among other top acts were the Migos, Cardi B, Dej Loaf, Black Coffee AC Slater and many more. Now last time I was

Now the last time I was at Coachella I had a blast. The event featured multiple stages for amazing shows. Coachella is a full functioning event that has a campground with a camping center, a general store and a farmers market.. Yes they have it all but this year they took it to another level by adding a 40,000 sq foot food hall called Indio Central Market that featured 15 restaurants. The featured restaurants provided open seating and a wonderful selection of food ranging from “Backyard BOWLS” an Acai bowl shop to “Bludso’s” which is a Texas BBQ sandwich shop. No Coachella didn't stop there they also had Pop up restaurants in which you had to reserve seating on As if they couldn't provide more entertainment they have Large-scale art installations and I do mean large! One exhibit was called “LODESTAR” it was a huge jet turned into a chrome art masterpiece Crazy right? With so much going on how does the event staff keep up with the maintenance of the grounds you would think there would be a mess to clean for weeks but no their sustainability department has come up with a good idea a recycling store where you can pick up cans and bottles from around the grounds and turn them in to collect points so you can cash them in for Coachella gifts & merchandise. I don't know about you but next year I plan to be in attendance to witness. No matter which kind of music or whatever your palette it’s here. Next spring come out to Cali and get some sun and fun from music to summer fashion trends Coachella is sure to deliver whatever you need. Stay blessed and keep it positive I'm Amero and I'm Gone.....

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Soul Hop Essentials


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Eminem vs. Agent Orange: A True American Horror Story By Shelah Moody

Eminem vs. Agent Orange: A True American Horror Story
By Shelah Moody
Call it the Trumpapocalypse.
From August 25 to September 3, Hurricane Harvey ripped through Texas, Louisiana, Belize, Nicaragua, and Honduras, causing 77 deaths and leaving thousands displaced in its wake.
September 16 to October 3-Hurricane Maria became known as the worst natural disaster on record in Dominica, causing catastrophic damage and a major humanitarian crisis in Puerto Rico; estimated death toll:  90.
On the night of October 1, a lone gunman opened fire from his Mandalay Bay hotel room after knocking out the windows and rained down a hail of bullets on revelers  at the Route 91 Harvest music festival on the Las Vegas strip, leaving 58 people dead and 489 injured.
        Last week, a series of wildfires burning across the northern California, raging throughout Napa, Lake, Sonoma, Mendocino, Butte and Solano counties, destroyed homes and property and killed 32 people; hundreds are reported missing. 
Welcome to the terrordome!
With such violent endings and beginnings of summer and fall, it seems like America barely had time to recover from one large-scale tragedy when another struck. It is safe to say that we all suffered from PTSD in one form or another since Donald Trump was elected U.S. president number 45 almost a year ago.
Enough is enough, said Marshall Mathers, a.k.a., Eminem, a white rapper from Detroit. On Oct. 11, the Grammy-winning hip hop artist unleashed his fury on the right wing Donald Trump administration via a cypher which made its televised debut at the 2017 BET Hip Hop Awards.
“It’s the calm before the storm right here,” Eminem freestyles, while strolling through an underground parking garage as a group of young black men look on. “Wait, how was I gonna start this off? I forgot. Oh yeah. That’s an awfully hot coffee pot, should I drop it on Donald Trump? Probably not, but that’s all I got, ‘til I come up with a solid (expletive).”
Dressed in a basic black hoodie and gold chain, Eminem takes a few steps and a deep breath and then delivers the second blow.
“I got a plan and now I gotta hatch it like a damn Apache with a tomahawk, Ima walk inside a mosque on Ramadan and say a prayer that every time that (expletive) talks, aggh! !! Ima stop. But we better give Obama props cause what we got in office now’s a kamikaze that will probably cause a nuclear holocaust and while the drama pops and he waits for shit to quiet down, he’ll just gas his plane up and fly around till the bombing stops...”
Eminem, who achieved mainstream popularity via the Dr. Dre and Aftermath Entertainment produced “Slim Shady” LP in 1999, is no stranger to controversy. Several years back, he came under fire for perceived homophobic and misogynistic lyrics and redeemed himself via duet with Elton John on the televised 43rd annual Grammy Awards ceremony at the Staples Center in Los Angeles.  Currently, Eminem is rumored to have a host of Trump supporters as fans, but he and his alter ego, Slim Shady, left no strings untied during his rant and made it clear who’s side they are on.
“The fact we’re not afraid of Trump, F— walkin’ on eggshells, I came to stomp, That’s why he keeps screamin’ ‘Drain the swamp’, ‘Cause he’s in quicksand, It’s like we take a step forward, then backwards, But this is his form of distraction, plus, he gets an enormous reaction when he attacks the NFL so we focus on that instead of talking Puerto Rico or gun reform for Nevada; All these horrible tragedies and he’s bored and would rather cause a Twitter storm with the Packers; then says he wants to lower our taxes; Then who’s gonna pay for his extravagant trips back and forth with his fam to his golf resorts and his mansions? Same s— that he tormented Hillary for and he slandered, then does it more from his endorsement of Bannon, Support for the Klansmen….”
Following the BET HIP Hop Awards, the Eminem anti-Trump cypher became the number one trending video on YouTube was the subject of more than two million tweets; it was also the subject of morning talk shows on CNN, ABC and other major networks. Eminem’s contemporaries tweeted their reactions, the most vivid coming from Snoop Dogg via video: “Detroit! Stand up!  Eminem! Real Muthaf_____ nigga!”
Whether you love it or you hate it, in this writer’s opinion, Eminem should be commended because at least he took a stand. Whether you thought his verse was dope or whack, at least he said something. At press time, Trump, aka Agent Orange, has not responded on his favorite platform, the Twittosphere.
Eminem is not the only pop culture artist taking shots at the Trump administration.  Season 7 of Ryan Murphy’s “American Horror Story: Cult” (my fav. guilty pleasure) around how fear mongering and mayhem have gripped a small midwestern town, similar to the one the rapper grew up in, following the November, 2016 election.
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