Friday, June 1, 2012

Akua Naru

What can I say about Akua Naru amazing, great, marvelous, awesome, original a pure genius? Akua Naru is a Hip Hop/Rap artist her music has a jazzy sound that you can listen to all day. Akua Naru is from New Haven, Connecticut, but now resides in Cologne, Germany. I like every song I have listened to while writing this. This is real Hip Hop music it is so fresh and smooth. Here are some of my favorites from her debut album “The Journey Aflame”, “The Backflip”, "The Block", “The World Is Listening”, “Tales Of Men feat. African Footprint”, “The Jones Feat. Mic Donet” and “Find Yourself”. Akua Naru takes her experiences in her life travels and brings it to her music for the world to hear. The lyrics in her songs are positive and inspiring. Streetwise Radio DJ Michael Ealey suggested that I listen to Akua Naru because he is playing one of her songs “The Blackflip” on Streetwise Radio Big Hop. I am so glad he suggested it, this young lady is awesome. I am a fan for life. If you have not heard of Akua Naru listen to her and you will be a fan too.