Tuesday, December 22, 2015



I rarely find rap music that I can stand listening to, the stuff they play on the On-Air stations and the mainstream is awful. As I was sitting here listening to Oddisee’s song “Belong To The World”, I thought he has real talent. I went on to listen to more of his songs I became a fan. This rapper producer born in Washington, D.C’s. grew up in Prince George's County, Maryland has been rapping and making beats since 1999. From his debut album 101 in 2008 to his latest album The Good Fight Oddisee continues to grow. He is absolutely incredible. The lyrical depth, complexity, soul, and beauty of his latest album is amazing. Oddisee continues to stay fresh producing great beats and strong lyrical content. He is a rare gem in the world hip hop these days. In my opinion, The Good Fight is his best work to date. It took me a couple of times listening to The Good Fight to really appreciate the true beauty of this album, it became hypnotizing. It is lyrically powerful and thoughtful, the beats keep your head nodding all the way through. Here are some songs that are my favorites by Oddisee, “Belong To The World”, “Own Appeal”, “Back of My Mind”, "The Goings On", “Caprice Down”, “Song For That”, “That's Love”, “Meant It When I Said It”, “Contradiction’s Maze” and “Streets Won't Let Me Chill”. I recommend this talented artist to all that are not really into hip hop music. Oddisee will pleasantly surprise you. Don’t sleep on Oddisee, you can listen to Oddisee on Streetwise Radio. Also listen to Streetwise Radio on MyGen365, iTunes, Athena365, Live365 and Pandora.