Wednesday, December 9, 2009


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Dana Elaine Owens(born March 18, 1970) known as the Queen of Rap, is a rapper, actress, singer and songwriter. The first time I heard of Queen Latifah was on Yo! MTV Raps in the late 80s the song was “Princess of the Posse”, I knew this girl had something special, I was right. Queen Latifah’s first album “All Hail the Queen was released in 1989, this album is still my all time favorite. Queen Latifah released three more albums “Nature of a Sista” in 1991, “Black Reign” in 1993, “Order in the Court”
in 1998. After Order in the Court, went in another direction she made a all jazz album entitled “The Dana Owens album” this album showcased her singing ability and could she sing. The Dana Owens album, his her best selling album to date it was nominated for a Grammy Award for Best Jazz Vocal Album in 2005. In 2007 Queen Latifah released Trav’lin’ Light, the song “I’m Gonna Live Till I Die” won a Grammy Award for Best Instrumental Arrangement Accompanying Vocalist and nominated for Best Traditional Pop Vocal Album. In 2008  Queen Latifah came out with another hip hop album called “All Hail the Queen II”. Queen Latifah wanted to mess with peoples head so a rumor was started that the album was to be titled ‘L’ Word”, because a rumor was going around that she was a lesbian, . Queen Latifah was also a accomplished actress she had a supporting roles in House Party 2, Juice and Jungle Fever. Queen Latifah had a starring role on the TV series Living Single from 1993-1998, she also wrote and performed the theme music. Queen Latifah also had her own talk show for two years and recurring roles on The Fresh Prince of Bel Air and Hangin with Mr. Cooper.
Her film career consist of the 1996 box office hit Set It Off, Living out Loud  and The Bone Collector. Queen Latifah was nominated for  Best Actress in a Supporting  Role for her role as Matron “Mama” Morton in the Oscar winning musical Chicago. In 2003 she starred with Steve Martin in Bringing Down The House. Other films where she had the lead or supporting role were Scary Movie 3, Barbershop 2: Back in Business, Taxi, Kung Faux, Beauty Shop, Hairspray, Last Holiday, she was also the voice of Ellie the mammoth in Ice Age: The Melt Down her first voice role in animated film.
Latifah her stage name means “delicate” and “gentle” in Arabic, her cousin gave her this name when she was eight. Queen Latifah is also blessed with a gift from God and she is and always be one of my favorite person of this century.


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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Missy "Misdemeanor" Elliott

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Melissa Arnette Elliott was born July 1st, 1971 in Portsmouth, Virginia. She is the only female rapper in America to have produced
 six platinum albums...with record sales exceeding 7-million.  Better known as Missy "Misdemeanor" Elliott, her early rise to fame, however, came at a 'felonious'  price.
At the age of eight, Elliott was raped almost every day for a year by an older cousin, before an aunt finally noticed the abuses. "No matter how many years later, it's something that affects me every day...and will live with me forever," Elliott stated. 
She also had an abusive father who beat Missy's mother daily, and then missy as well when she was 14.  After pulling a gun and forcing both outside of their home naked, Missy and her mother both left her father... never to return.  "My mother soon realized how strong she was on her own, and that made me strong too", said Missy. From that point on it was all uphill for the sharp-minded Elliott, who was actually advanced two years ahead in grade school. 
In 1990, Elliott and three other girls formed an R and B group called 'Sista', which was produced by neighborhood friend Timothy Mosley.  Within a year their demo tracks caught the ear of famous 'Jodeci' band producer De Vante Swing, who moved the band to New York, signed them to 'Electra' records, and created the new, 20-member "Swing Mod"....which included future stars 'Ginuwine', 'Playa' and "Tweet'.
All 20 members lived together in one-single, two story house, working on 'Jodeci'  material and and thier own projects.  Missy also wrote and rapped for 'Raven-Symone', and 'Jodeci's lbums 'Diary of a Mad Band', 'The Show', 'The After Party' and 'The Hotel'.  But, in 1995 Swing Mod folded, and Missy moved on with friend and producer Mosley.(newly named Timbaland
The new songwriting production team then crafted tracks for acts such as 'SWV', '702' and most notably 'Aaliyah', who's album "One in a Million" went platinum.(Elliott and Timbaland producing 9 of the tracks)  This would launch them both to star status.  Over the past 14-years Elliott's vocals and lyrics produced by Timberland have blessed the rap world with album hits 'Supa Dupa Fly', 'Da Real World', 'Mis E...So Addictive', 'Under Construction', 'This Is Not a Test', 'The Cookbook', and 'Block Party'.
During it all, Elliott has added acting to her performance resume, appearing in four films including "Fade to Black", and "Just for Kids" well as numerous TV appearances in shows like "Family Matters", "The Wayans Brothers", and "MTV Cribs".  She's also made plans for a biographical film with Robert De Niro as one of the interested producers.  The script is almost finished.
In her personal life, Elliott says she wants to start a family someday, despite rumors about her sexual orientation.  "I don't need a man to make me happy without making MYSELF happy first', she declares. Meanwhile, her body of work has already made millions in the rap world...very happy!
Thanks, that's a rap!

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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Hip Hop Hoooray!!

The Streetwise Big Hop is now on everyday from 7pm to 8pm every day. And check this. You get a double 
dose on Friday & Saturday at 11pm Pacific. So lets party on !!! Hip Hop, Nu Soul and Dance Hall Reggae,
Reggaeton, and Hip Hop Instra.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Whatever Happend To Young Mc.?

Rap music was well on the way to the top by 1989, and along for the wild ride-up seemed to be 22-year old, USC economics graduate Marvin Young....who quickly transformed from middle-class, British born scholar into super-star rapper "Young MC". 
He quickly put out the year's top, Grammy winning, best selling song and video 'Bust a Move',..and then collaborated with Tone Loc to write chart toppers 'Wild Thing' and "Funky Cold Medina'. However, from there, Young MC seemed to slip down...and eventually out of sight.
His first album 'Stone Cold Rhymin' contained that first hit, and a second one called 'Principle's Office' which reached the top 40. It was even nominated by MTV for a top video award. However, when Young MC decided to drop his record label 'Delicious Vinyl' in favor of 'Capitol Records', he was sued and forced to settle out of court, where things spiralled further down.
In 1991 he came out with a second album 'Brainstorm', that never took off.  By 1993 Rap audience's tastes had shifted from the good natured romance-lorn style of Bust a Move, to a harder edged Hip Hop style. MC tried to adapt, following up with an album called 'What's the Flavor' in 1993....but it too flopped. 
He spent the next 5 or 6 years producing a few songs, and album compilations like 'The Best of Young MC',and, appropriately, 'The Return of the One Hit Wonder'. Then,  in late 2000 and 2001 he fought back with two more album originals called 'Ain't Going Out like
That', and 'Engage the Enzyme', but neither received much attention.
Still, many feel Young MC was a vital, trend setting role-model who helped drive Rap and Hip Hop on through the 90's and into the millennium. These days he's back in the UK, having produced another couple of LP's called 'Adrenalin Flow in 2007, and one he just released called 'Relentless'. If you search the web you can easily find him, where He's even posted his Face Book page.
For me, the Bust a Move era of Rap was exciting, and,  I so clearly remeber enjoying the instant success of artists like Young MC and Ton Loc!  I can't help but keep a sharp eye out, and a tuned ear to the ground. They may come around again... as things often do.
Thanks again and keep listening,
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Hip Hop Instrumentals

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 Thanks for the listener input Hip Hop Instrumentals are getting more play on Big Hop. Some people would rather dance to the music than hear the words one of our listeners writes."I guess you can sing or rap you're own lyrics. Cool if your having a party too".Well you asked for it. And you got it. More Hip Hop Instrumentals in the Big Hop Mix.Check us out Fri & Sat 11p to 12mid Pacific time.
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Friday, October 9, 2009



DeAndre Ramone Way better known as Soulja Boy Tell’Em, is a young rapper
who used technology to put him on the rap scene. Soulja Boy self published
his first song “Crank That (Soulja Boy)” on the internet. The song got so
popular it was the number one hit for seven non-consecutive weeks. Due to
his success his peers and critics talk about him and put down his music.
Former rapper Ice-T said “Crank That” is “garbage”. Soulja Boy must be
doing something right, for his peers to be talking about him. People only
hate on you when you’re doing something right. I say good job Soulja Boy
for using technology to your advantage. On another note Soulja Boy was
arrested October 7, 2009 in Henry County Georgia for running from the
police. He returned to the scene and told the police they thought the
house was abandoned so they were filming a video there. With all his money
he should have went about it legally ask the proper authorities, instead
of trespassing on private property. I hope he learned his lesson.

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Monday, October 5, 2009



Whitney Houston is a talented singer; she definitely got her talent from her from her mother Thelma Houston and Aunt Dionne Warrick. Her debut album was released in 1985. On that album “You Give Good Love”, “Saving All My Love for You”, and “How Will I Know”, earned Whitney Houston best female pop vocal for “Saving All My Love for You” set her sing career superstar status. Whitney is one of the world’s best selling music artists; she sold over 140 million albums and 50 million singles worldwide. Her career was going good; she stared in several feature films, waiting to Exhale, The Preacher’s Wife and The Body Guard. When she married Bobby Brown 1992, things in her personal life was having effect on her career. She divorced Bobby Brown in 2007, and things for her started to turn around. Whitney released her new album “I Look to You” August 31, 2009. The two singles “I Look to You” and “Million Dollar Bill” entered the Billboard 200 at #1. I can say from my point of view Whitney is back.