Sunday, April 19, 2015


By. Amero

Here we go again[in my DMX voice]! I'm back in school and hate it! Why
did i sign up again?? SMH.. Well i am a very busy opinionated person and i
kinda like being an out of the box type person. It seems to fit me well and
naturally. Often i get the ‘that was out of left field’ comments and I'm used
to it but when it comes to Coultrain forget that a box ever existed. The
St.Louis born artist shatters any preconceived notion of musical genre of
categorization. Coultrain is indeed a talent (are you ready) he is a
drummer, visual artist and singer/songwriter. Oh and a poet. I wonder does
he do tuneups too. But on a serious note Coultrain is worth the ticket price.
Using words to paint pictures by using complex metaphors.
His first lp was self released in 2007 named ‘Adventures of Seymour
Liberty’. The fictional character Seymour Liberty would be a continuing
subject across for other releases.Coultrain would tell the story of the
character blurring the lines between imagination and autobiography.
Coultrain’s latest work ‘Side Effect of Make Believe;Divided for Love's Sake
is on fresh selects label and is out now. Check out ‘Kiss of Death’ which
shows his wordplay.Please dont ask me why his album titles sound like a
Johnny Depp movie series “Pirates of the Caribbean;Curse of the Black Pearl!!
LOL. But they are long and thought out so i guess you will have to
listen to figure it out. One thing's for sure Coultrain does not lack creativity
and you can forget about him being predictable. Coultrains albums
continue where the last one left off so its as if he’s one part novelist and
one part alternative R&B artist. You can tell from his wardrobe that he is his
own man trying to create a lane for himself and clearly succeeding. The
Coultrain is most definitely off the tracks but moving at a fast pace. If you
wann lend an ear come and check out Coultrain and other artists at or