Thursday, August 4, 2016

Jidenna - Little Bit More

Upcoming Jidenna
Written by: Rajada Ealey

Finding his way back in the spotlight, Jidenna, surprises us with a fresh new sound in his newly released song “a little bit more.” Allowing the Caribbean beats and the tropical drums to flow through my ears, I felt like it was truly summer again. Although the 100-degree weather I’m in never failed to let me forget. This song is so fun and energetic and having already reached over a million views in just its firsts days, I definitely think we’ll be hearing a lot more from this Nigerian-American artist.

Jidenna first sent shockwaves through the radio with his hit single “Classic Man” in 2015. That catchy chorus had just about everyone rehearsing the line “I’m a classic man…”. I have to admit; I was definitely one of them. But I also thought to myself, “how classic is this man actually?” We can see in the “classic man” music video how he wears this clean-cut hairstyle and a vintage suit in every scene to portray the role of a classic man. I was convinced that it was just a made-up character, like the ones you see in TV shows. But it turns out this “Classic Man” is indeed a classy man. As he confessed, to, the reasons for his style, I started to think this artist was one of the cooler ones. Jidenna explains that he wanted his style to “invoke the Jim Crow era” and how each song would represent the “the adventures of a classic man.” His vintage style continues in music videos such as “long live the chief,” “knickers,” and most recent “a little bit,” and the adventures continue right along with him. These so-call ‘adventures’ are a great way to explain the change in vibes he alludes with each song, having one strongly influenced by Drake and the next Kendrick Lamar. 

Jidenna definitely likes to mix up his music style, but the new one resonances with me the most. This paradise feel is so fitting for him. I hope to hear more of this style in his upcoming album The Eephus. But if we continue to hear variation in his music style, we know there’s one thing we can always rely on—his wardrobe style. We can always count on this Classic Man to upstage us in appearance. I think I could definitely benefit from some fashion tips from this one.