Monday, July 30, 2012

Hip-Hop Group “theBREAX”

I like hip-hop if it’s positive. All that negative stuff is so discouraging. Well I was looking for positive Hip-Hop artists or groups that have something and encouraging too say. I found this group from San Diego California called “theBREAX”.The group consists of front man Ruslan, who is an Armenian refugee born in Baku, Azerbaijan. In the 1990s when Ruslan was a child, his family fled Baku, Azerbaijan to San Diego California due to religious persecution in his country. While living in San Diego Ruslan met and became friends with Baltimore native Beleaf. Beleaf came to San Diego to get a fresh start. Ruslan and Beleaf both had a love for Hip-Hop and a burning need to get better at it. They formed the group theBreax, so they could have a positive impact on the hip-hop culture in the San Diego community and the world. The group has grown to include Mic B on drums, Jruckers on keyboards and Bam on bass. theBreak has cultivated a large and diverse community of loyal fans through headlining their own shows. They have opened up for world-class acts like Mobb Deep, Ghostface Killah, Raekwon, Arrested Development, Lecrae, War, and Fred Hammond. Their debut album “Never Arrive” came out in December 2011. It went number three on iTunes hip-hop charts. Christian hip-hop is on the rise and theBREAX is definitely doing their part to bring it to the world. These are some of the songs I like, “More Of / At the Core”, “Yap Yap”, “Brilliant Realness (feat. Sho Baraka)”, “OTIS TheBreax Over Mixtape”, “Never Arrive”, “All Powerful”, “100 hunnit” and “Paper Jam”. These brothers are so positive and inspiring. I’m so glad I found theBREAX they are certainly going on my playlist. You can listen to songs from theBREAX on Streetwise Radio Big Hop 7-8 p.m. Streetwise Radio can be heard on iTunes, MyGen365, Athena365 and live365.