Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Charlie B.

Bio:19 year old singing sensation Charlie B, born and raised in the small town of Plainview Tx. Singing has been a passion of Charlie's since the age of 7 when he did his first major performance in front of a live audience of over 1000 students at a local university. Moon walking across stage, Charlie received a standing ovation. As Charlie grew older he began learning and working as a choreographer. He was worked with National talent G Spot Boys, 4way, M.O.D, as well as other local artists. As he has surrounded himself with talent & producers, agreat guideline has been provided for him to follow. At the age of 16 Brett Nevelle Collins AKA Charlie B lost his mother to a massive heart attack and stroke. This life altering event created an even bigger focus, and drive for charlie to succeed, and fulfill the dream that his mother had to see in him. She is his guiding light. Other inspirations are his stepmother, father, Michael Jackson, Justin Timberlake, Usher, and James Brown.
Charlie B is a new featured artist on 
Streetwise Radio. His song "Merry Go"
can be heard on the Streetwise Big Hop
& Streetwise Ultra Mix.
Charlie B's Fan Page
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