Tuesday, March 7, 2017




“What's your name again?” Chuck D.

Described as "Hip Hop Elegante" by the program director of Peru's largest music festival, the artist ROOTWORDS has earned a reputation for performing a repertoire of high stature, with an absolute commitment to communicating the essence of music at it's most organic level.

“Bonobo likes the track.” Manager 

The epitome of a "world citizen" (born in the USA of Zambian heritage and raised in Switzerland), ROOTWORDS began rhyming at the age of 16. He studied international relations and law, only to drop out in a radical rebellion against the system, with the intent of focusing on music. Ever since that drastic decision of 2007, having gathered a fair amount of underground experience in the music scene, ROOTWORDS released his frst solo album The Rush in 2014.

“It sounds like real Hip Hop.” The Procussions 

Since winning the renowned M4 Music “Urban Award”, as well as multiple other accolades, the lyricist has become a favourite of Swiss music lovers and more - having graced the stages of many regional and international festivals with his live band The Block Notes; including Paleo Festival, Montreux Jazz Festival, Rototom Sunsplash, Reggae Sun Ska, and Selvamonos Festival.

“Never stop rhyming.” Common 

His Wu-Tang style British Clarks, reminiscent of the years he lived in the once ghetto but now trendy Hackney East London, have travelled with him from Beijing to New York, Berlin to Adelaide, Lima to Paris; all of which are places where he has performed and shared his music.

“A great groove with an important message.” Phil Collins LVO

In autumn 2016, in an effort to support UNHCR in response to the refugee crisis, ROOTWORDS teamed up with jazz composer John Aram and virtuoso Jacob Collier for a humanitarian collaboration with the intention of raising money and awareness to the cause, while sharing a message of hope through the music. Otherwise when in his hometown, ROOTWORDS can be found teaching the basics of Hip Hop to the youth of today in his workshop, or hosting jam sessions.

 “Come kick a freestyle on stage with me.” Jay Electronica 

In the continuation of pursing his passion, fulflling his life ambitions, and living his dream, ROOTWORDS is on the brink of releasing his second opus in 2017, which is guaranteed to further plunge his auditors and supporters deeper into his evolving universe of inspiration.

"Now playing on Streetwise Radio a song that really caught my attention with strong words and killer beat". Michael K. Ealey Program Director 

 Layer Cake feat. Dubmatix 

Corruption is everywhere. Have a look around. Where can you not see any corruption? Nothing is pure anymore, not even the air. We are constantly being forced to choose the lesser of two evils, and some of us don't even question our choices. We are a lazy generation, and machines do the majority of the work for us. We no longer depend on the natural cycle of the seasons for our needs, instead we violate the cycle of life by requesting what we want whenever we want. The world is off balance, and we continue to push the tilt.  The root of the problem is at the top of the pyramid. That is where the corruption is most rampant. The decisions and delinquency of those at the top trickles down and effects those at the bottom - who get hit the hardest. This is the layer cake.  Inspired by a fantastic digital new age riddim by Dubmatix, I wrote this song to remind people of where they are, what they are doing; and especially to ask themselves if they are aware of what is going on. The devil you know is better than the devil you don't, so please just open up your eyes!