Saturday, October 10, 2009

Whatever Happend To Young Mc.?

Rap music was well on the way to the top by 1989, and along for the wild ride-up seemed to be 22-year old, USC economics graduate Marvin Young....who quickly transformed from middle-class, British born scholar into super-star rapper "Young MC". 
He quickly put out the year's top, Grammy winning, best selling song and video 'Bust a Move',..and then collaborated with Tone Loc to write chart toppers 'Wild Thing' and "Funky Cold Medina'. However, from there, Young MC seemed to slip down...and eventually out of sight.
His first album 'Stone Cold Rhymin' contained that first hit, and a second one called 'Principle's Office' which reached the top 40. It was even nominated by MTV for a top video award. However, when Young MC decided to drop his record label 'Delicious Vinyl' in favor of 'Capitol Records', he was sued and forced to settle out of court, where things spiralled further down.
In 1991 he came out with a second album 'Brainstorm', that never took off.  By 1993 Rap audience's tastes had shifted from the good natured romance-lorn style of Bust a Move, to a harder edged Hip Hop style. MC tried to adapt, following up with an album called 'What's the Flavor' in 1993....but it too flopped. 
He spent the next 5 or 6 years producing a few songs, and album compilations like 'The Best of Young MC',and, appropriately, 'The Return of the One Hit Wonder'. Then,  in late 2000 and 2001 he fought back with two more album originals called 'Ain't Going Out like
That', and 'Engage the Enzyme', but neither received much attention.
Still, many feel Young MC was a vital, trend setting role-model who helped drive Rap and Hip Hop on through the 90's and into the millennium. These days he's back in the UK, having produced another couple of LP's called 'Adrenalin Flow in 2007, and one he just released called 'Relentless'. If you search the web you can easily find him, where He's even posted his Face Book page.
For me, the Bust a Move era of Rap was exciting, and,  I so clearly remeber enjoying the instant success of artists like Young MC and Ton Loc!  I can't help but keep a sharp eye out, and a tuned ear to the ground. They may come around again... as things often do.
Thanks again and keep listening,
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