Tuesday, January 26, 2010

9-Year Old Phenomenon Rapper Ly’asia

9-Year Old Phenomenon Rapper Ly’asia to Release New Album
Daughter of IGT Fame Hits the Scene Powerfully with “A Star In The Making”
New York, USA— “A Star In The Making,” the new album by rapper Ly’asia, whose music has been compared to the music of Lil Mama, Eve and MC Lyte is set to release in the spring of 2010. Ly’asia’s music has caught the eye of the media and captured fans from across the country.  Her talent has been recognized within the Hip Hop community and critics have predicted that her music will make her one of Hip Hop’s most promising ingénues.  Why is Ly’asia’s music so special, one may ask?  Because for many who hear her music, it’s hard to believe Ly’asia is only 9 years old.
Growing up with her father Lagato Shine of IGT fame, Ly’asia has been exposed to many genres of music since the day she was born.  Picking up on her father’s swagger and lyrical flow like a seasoned professional, it wasn’t long before the young Ly’asia was coming up with music all on her own and taking command of the stage like it was the only thing she was born to do.
The recent music video for her song “Dream” really captures what Ly’asia is all about, showing her spunk, catchy dance moves and inspirational messages that reach well beyond her age.  As she continues to break down all barriers with dreams and aspirations not many other girls her age can even imagine, Ly’asia says she “hopes that [her] raps will influence young girls to grow up and believe they can be whatever they want to be."
Ly’asia’s strong voice has led her to perform at many musical venues. With her ability to take control of the stage with what some fans have called her “incredible presence,” many say she has the potential to be one of the greatest female rappers on today’s music scene.  For Ly’asia, getting her message across and being on the stage is what it is all about.  She says,  “I love making music and performing... when the crowd screams for me it makes me want to never stop!"
Even though her musical career takes up much of her time, Ly’asia also makes time for her other interests, such as basketball and cheerleading while still maintaining an impressive straight-A report card.  It is this down-to-earth character that makes Ly’asia stand out among other young musicians; her music is always relatable and accessible to audiences young and old.  Ly’asia says she hopes her raps will reach other girls her age and in the end, just make people happy.
For additional information about Ly’asia or the release of “A Star In The Making,” please visit the artist’s web sites:  www.lyasiaworld.com, www.myspace.com/lyasia9,
or www.overplay.com/lyasia  (for her EPK) or contact Laurena Marrone at gritpr@gmail.com.

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