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"Nate Dogg's death shocks rap world!"

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The rap world was shaken Tuesday with news from Long Beach, California regarding the death of 41-year old 'Nate Dogg', the smooth-voiced hook singer who helped 'Snoop Dogg', 'Dr.Dre', and 'Warren G.' pioneer the West Coast hip-hop and gangster-rap explosion of the early 1990's.
Born 'Nathaniel Hale', Nate Dogg suffered from ill health in recent years due to a series of strokes that left him partially paralized,  and, well may have lead to his death. No official cause has been released yet, however, it's speculated that Nate died of apparent heart failure.
From the moment the news hit, friends and collaborators have sent messages paying tribute to Nate.  "We lost a true legend in hip-hop and R& of my best friends and a brother to me since 1986 when I was at Poly High where we met", tweeted 'Snoop Dogg'. "RIP NATE DOGG"!
He first gained national attention on Dr Dre's "Death Row Records" 1992 masterpiece album "The Chronic", and earned Nate the first of his four Grammy nominations in 1995 for the hit "Regulate", a collaboration with Warren G. 
 His most recent nomination came from 'Eminem's' "Shake That" in 2007.  "Nate's voice in music will never be replaced. He created the blue print for West Coast hip-hop, and I was one of the lucky people who had the privilege to work with him, and the honor to have him as a friend", commented Eminem.
"There is a certain void in hip-hop's heart that can never be filled.  Glad we got to make history together", tweeted 'Ludacris'....who also benefitted from a catchy Nate Dogg hook on his 2001 song "Area Codes".
So many other rappers expressed grief over Nate's death, including 'Sucker Free', '50-Cent', 'Daz Dillinger', 'Obie Trice', and 'G-unit's LLoyd Banks'....all of whom (and many more) reminded us of how Nate's crooning, deep voice contributed to their success!
Nate began an interesting childhood by singing as a toddler at the local Baptist Church in Long Beach, California, and later choired at a parish that his father was pastor of in Clarksdale, Mississippi.
Returning to California, he dropped out of highschool at age 16, and left home to join the United States Marine Corp...where Nate served for three years!
Shortly thereafter, he became friends with, and partnered in the rap game with Snoop Dogg and Warren G., where they would eventually form a trio called "213".
They recorded their first demo in the back of the famed "V.I.P." record store in Long Beach, and from there it reached Dr. Dre's ears while attending a house party! 
Not surprisingly, Dre was impressed with Nate's soulful voice, and so began a history with Death Row Records from 1993 to 1998.
Nate has also been featured in many of the late 'Tupac's' releases including the album 'Thug Life Volume- One', along with his own double album "G-Funk Classics Volume 1&2...which was followed  in 2001 by "Music and Me"--which peaked at number three on the 'Billboard' hip-hop charts.
While Nate Dogg has been featured in,  and contributed to over 40 chart singles over the years, one can't help but expect that he will be rememberd fondly in many more to come by the multitude of stars, friends, and fans that listened to, and loved him!
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