Wednesday, May 11, 2011


We are currently playing "LET' EM KNOW" by Lil Daddy on the Streetwise Big Hop. This song has a great beat and Lil Daddy Jams. With a great voice and a style of his own we just had to play this song.
Check it out during the show at 7pm.

Michael K. Ealey


Born in Fla. and raised in Ga. found a love for music a long time ago. As a young man growing up in the streets you learn the value of life and the things that you are capable of achieving in it. My music is a reflection of life, the things that I go through in everyday living. I also have received an A.S. degree in Computer and Electronic Engineering Technology graduating from ITT Technical Institute.I have done a little time in military (U.S.Army) also. I started writing music back in 2000 and since then have gone on to build my own personal studio. Production has also became trait during the years. Have recorded music with Stateraized (Mello C), Alli, Hometeam Ent.( Dopoiboy Duke, and B.U.D.D.), DJ Playboy. I have received an Independent Artist Award from Slip n Slid record label and also Poe Boy Entertainment. My style is a Down South feel mixed with gangsta and hip-hop. I feel that progress in this business is reachable depending on your dedication.I consider myself as a businessman and do not mind networking with anybody.Trying to keep this short just putting you in the venue of who LIL DADDY is. So I really do hope that yall enjoy the music.

Lil Daddy - Let' Em Know - 
Grynd Heavy Entertainment

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