Thursday, August 8, 2013

Shin Sight Trio

Shin Sight Trio is the kind of hip-hop I like listening to. You can understand their lyrics. Shin Sight Trio has that funky jazz sound with that hip-hop beat that makes you want to listen to them all day. This hip-hop trio consists of Insight (Andre Todman), Shin-Ski (Shinsuke Taoka) and DJ RYOW (Ryo Yoshihara). Shin-Ski and DJ RYOW are from Japan. Insight was born in St. Thomas but raised in Boston. They blend their producing, DJ, musicianship and sampling to make fantastic hip-hop music. Shin Sight Trio is real hip-hop. Shin Sight Trio has released three albums, Shallow Nights Blurry Moon in 2006, Somewhere Beyond the Moon in 2010 and Moonlight Sunrise in 2011. Here are some of my favorite songs from these three albums, “No Clouds on a Sunny Day”, “Passin By”, “Early Dayz Amazement”, "Only As Serious As You Make It", “Peace”, “You Did It Again”, “Interlude ( Shallow Night Blurry Moon )”, “Heart featuring Edo G”, “You Got Soul”, “R&B Song”, “Cool Mellow featuring Sondu” and “On My Mind featuring Saylove”. Tune into Streetwise Radio and listen to Shin Sight Trio you will become a fan. Also listen to Streetwise Radio on Athena365, Live365, MyGen365, iTunes and Pandora.


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