Monday, November 21, 2016

What's Up With Kanye?

Written by: Rajada Ealey

From grabbing microphones to the Ionic Kanye for 2016 speech, I think, we can all agree when I say Kanye has definitely experienced his ups and downs in the media. But recently Kanye has been leaving his concerts early! Though his set at Meadows Music & Arts Festival ended nearly an hour early due to a “family emergency,” his concert in Los Angeles ended early because he lost his voice. This took a dramatic turn for his upcoming dates for his Saint Pablo tour. Not only did he have his fans waiting due the rescheduling of his tour, he left the Los Angeles concert after only being on stage for about 45 minutes. I hate to say it but this maybe a new low for him. It's a little funny to think about it too. Kanye is so iconic and so many fans appreciate him but just to completely stop in the middle of the concert and leave while all your fan are cheering for you is pretty hilarious. But let me not laugh, because I’m sure it wasn’t funny for all the fans who traveled far and near and paid to see Kanye perform. Kanye said he let the audience have a concert where he can’t perform, according to the consequenceofsound website. I’ve experienced fans mad, sad, even crying because their favorite artist decided not to perform and it’s very sad to say the least. I understand Kanye was losing his voice but I just feel like he might not of been thinking about his fans. What’s going on Kanye?

Now I could start comparing Kanye to other big name artists who’ve weathered some pretty intense things but still performed, but I won’t. We all know Kanye has some internal issues but who doesn’t. We just have to accept the surprises Kanye will continue to throw at us. For example, his concert at the Oracle Arena on October 22nd was a success.It included an amazing set list, cool production, even started on time. The one only take away would probably be the amount of the breaks he took to rant about certain issues. According to the East Bay Express, Kanye interrupted his concert five times to rant about not showing up to the Grammys, to criticize the media for labeling him crazy, to reassure the crowd that he's not crazy but a genius, to tell the media to “stop writing negative shit about me and help me help people,” and to state something along the lines of “we were brought over here as slaves, and Lincoln turned us into unpaid interns or some shit.” Kanye still continues to surprise me with some of the things he does and says. So though his first disappointing moment of his Saint Pablo was in a result of a serious emergency and second because of his health, Kanye turned his whole tour around with an amazing show in Oakland. I wonder what we’ll see from Kanye next.


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