Saturday, February 20, 2010

Butter Jonez

Butter Jonez is talented singer and songwriter from Columbus, Ohio. A self described “Renaissance Man”, Mr. Jonez crafted his style of Hip Hop soul while growing up listening to his father’s extensive collection of soul 45s & LPs.
Drawing his influences from such groups as The Delfonics, New Birth, and Black Ivory; as well as artists like Bobby Womack, Linda Jones, and Marvin Gaye.
His debut single “Fire”, produced by The Intalec, is a seductive
mixture of strings and warm rhythmic percussion that sets the
mood for Mr. Jonez’ smooth vocal style to relax and soothe the listener, while fellow label mate Doc Giggz follows up with a melodic rhyme flow that compliments Mr. Jonez’ vocals like silk and satin. On the extended Hip Hop Mix Butter brings in fellow label mate Lord Hakim to spit 16 bars on how to “Do The Right Thing with a cup of ice”. “The song is about a night of intimacy with that special someone that’s so intense and so passionate that the
only way to describe it is as that fire”- Mr. Jonez.
Although the song is provocative in nature, Mr.
Jonez showcases his songwriting abilities by
addressing it in a mature yet artistic manner. “It's
one thing to tell somebody something, it another
to be able to describe something so vividly that the
listener can actually see, taste, touch, & smell whatever
it is your describing.” The most accurate way to describe
Butter Jonez debut single “Fire” is, the perfect theme music
for a romantic evening.
1. Fire (3:28) featuring Doc Giggz
2. Fire (Extended Hip Hop Mix) (4:06)
featuring Lord Hakim & Doc Giggz
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