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Born Robyn Rihanna Fenty February 20, 1988. in Saint Michaels Barbados.
Rihanna is the oldest of three siblings, has two younger brothers.
Rihanna’s childhood was rocky, her Father was addicted to crack cocaine her parents marriage ended when she fourteen. Rihanna trained with the military of Barbados, she was in the army cadet sub-military program.
Rihanna and two other classmates of hers formed a singing group, they were introduced to Evan Rogers while he was vacationing in Barbados with his wife. The group audition for him, Rogers said “the minute Rihanna walked into the room, it was like the other two girls didn’t exist.”

Rihanna’s demo album took a year because she continued to go to school, she only recorded during summer and Christmas break. I say good for her.
Rihanna’s demo some how was heard by Jay-Z the president of Def Jam records at the time, he signed her admittedly. Rihanna’s first two album Music of the Sun and A Girl Like Me, considered in the reggae genre.
Rihanna’s look when she was produced by Jay-Z , look like a Beyonce` clone.  Rihanna’s style changed dramatically with the Good Girl Gone Bad album, some of the video’s to the songs on this album are out there. I guess you don’t have to know how to sing if your selling sex.

Rihanna’s Domestic violence episode in 2009, brought about STOParazzi to propose a law called “Rihanna’s Law” It would stop law enforcement from releasing crime victims photos to the media. Rihanna is not just a entertainer she is also a philanthropist, she has a foundation call Believe it helps terminally ill children. Rihanna is also involved in the marketing of her country of Barbados and she is the official face a tourism. When I was in Barbados in October, my tour guide told me that the highway we’re on is going to be change to the Rihanna Highway. He said “Rihanna has done a lot for Barbados, she deserve it.” I don’t particularly care for a lot of her sound or music, but some of it is catchy like “Rude Boy”,  “Take A Bow” and “Pon de Replay”.

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