Thursday, November 26, 2015



Welcome back to Streetwise Radio! Holiday season is here again. Time to get together with friends and fam and turn up a lil bit.For those of you who listen to the station you may have heard of the trio of dj/producers called YELLOW CLAW.The group consitsts of Bizzey,Jim Aasgier,and Nizzle.The amsterdam based group is blazing a trail on the trap music scene with hit singles like “love me till it hurts” and “shotgun” using high paced beats and melodic vocals. Yellow claw burst onto the scene in 2010 after hosting and founding The Yellow Claw Thursday nite party at a popular club in Amsterdam. By 2012 they had a few hit singles and became regulars at many dutch festivals ( dirty dutch festival, solarfest). The group successfully blend a multitude of genres onto one track like the track “thunder” which is a masterful blend. After bouncing around a few labels Yellow Claw has chosen the independentroute and is on tour now in Europe. What's amazing to me about the trap music movement is the collaborative nature of it which reminds me of the beginning of hip hop. The beauty of collectivism at its best. Yellow Claw has that upbeat can't stop partying feel that will be sure to keep you up and going all nite. I couldn't imagine being at one of their shows because i would need a change of clothes from the danceathon that would ensue. So if your curious to check out the sound stop by Streetwise Radio to hear Yellow Claw and other trap artists on our playlist.

Yellow Claw’s Debut Album “Blood For Mercy”

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